About Sam Tanner

Sam Tanner is 22 years old and has experience in many different areas. These areas include Information Technology, IT Networking and Infrastructure, IT Support, Audio Visual, Lighting and Sound.

History of how Sam got in to so many areas

Sam has been interested in Lighting and Sound since the age of 9. He started his talent with computers when he was only 8 years old and very quickly had his own website, and was looking for more interesting ways of combining his ICT skills with stage and show performances. When he joined his secondary school (Cirencester Deer Park School) he noticed a teacher setting up the lights and sound for shows and speaker evenings, from then on he joined the team, and designed and operated the Sound, Lights and Audio Visual for all the schools events. At this point he had also joined Cirencester Light Operatic Society. Through this he met Ian Carling who is Chairman and Technical Manger of the Barn Theatre.

Sam then joined Cirencester College doing a BTEC in Technical Theatre. While being fully involved with the course, he looked for freelance jobs around the area, coming across many, but his age being the barrier. Sam left Cirencester College June 2010 and by the end of August 2010 he had already been in 5 countries working on a range of jobs from Exhibition Stands to Network Consulting on large scale networks.

Currently Sam is working self-employed for many companies providing IT Solutions and Support.